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Deal With Wastewater Properly

Invest in a septic tank installation in Willow River, Moose Lake & North Branch, MN

When your home or business doesn't have access to city sewer services, you'll need a septic tank to deal with your wastewater. Proper sewer service is essential to keep your home or business functioning. Wolf Creek Dirt Works offers professional septic tank installs in the Willow River, Moose Lake & North Branch, MN areas. Our crew can have a new tank installed on your property in no time.

Call 218-820-9653 now to set up your septic tank installation. Our highly-qualified and experienced team will be happy to assist you.

What can you expect from your septic tank?

Your septic tank installation will vary depending on whether you're filtering water for a home or a business. Our crew will make sure your tank is installed properly. A typical septic tank operates as follows:

  • All waste flows to the septic tank
  • Anaerobic bacteria break down the organic material in the effluent water
  • A filter prevents most solids from entering the outlet pipe
  • The effluent water flows to a drain field
  • Holes in the drain field pipe allow effluent to seep into surrounding gravel
  • Gravel around the pipe allows water to flow into the soil and oxygen to reach bacteria
  • Aerobic bacteria in the gravel and soil complete decomposition of the waste
  • Clean water seeps down into the groundwater

A properly functioning septic tank ensures correct sanitation standards are met. Speak with the staff at Wolf Creek Dirt Works to learn how our septic tank installs will work for your property in Willow River, Moose Lake or North Branch, MN.